When Luke wrote, what we call, Acts, one amazing reality became clear – the church’s amazing success would have been impossible without the power of the Holy Spirit.

James Dunn wrote that it is “beyond doubt that for Luke the mission of the church could not hope to be effective without the empowering from the Spirit, which transcends human ability and transforms human inability.”

With many who have gone before me, I agree that Acts of the Apostles, the traditional title given for this book is not the best.  Truly, if a title is needed, the title should be the Acts of the Holy Spirit.   What can explain the ordinary people who daily do extraordinary things other than the presence and power of the Holy Spirit? In event after event, Luke tells us of those who speak, act, love, serve, give and heal far beyond their own ability without regard to their inability.   Miraculous healings, mind-boggling rescues, staggering success and unstoppable progress unfolds in story after story of this chronicle of the church on fire with the Holy Spirit.

Luke is telling us that the Holy Spirit empowers us as the church to do well beyond what we can do on our own and that what we are already gifted at God’s Spirit transforms to the glory of God.

It is a humbling and exciting prospect to preach through Acts and I admit that I will not be successful without the Holy Spirit’s power. I do believe Dunn is correct that the Holy Spirit “transcends human ability and transforms human inability.” My heartfelt prayer is that the Spirit will take my human effort and with great power transcend and transform to make these messages powerful and life changing. Forbid me Lord to quench your Spirit but rather to be filled with your Spirit.

Acts is the most exciting book in the New Testament and when read and listened to by the church it stirs within us a passion to spread our wings and fly to new heights in our life with Christ.  Come join me – spread your wings wide – may the Spirit be the wind beneath those wings and soar!
Steve Yates
Senior Minister
June 3
Power to the People
(Acts 1:1-26)
June 10
Power of the Good News
(Acts 2:1-41)
June 17
Power of Growth
(Acts 2:42-47)
June 24
Healing & Forgiving Power
(Acts 3:1-26)
July 1
Courageous Power
(Acts 4:1-31)
July 8
Power of Generosity
(Acts 4:32-37)
June 15
Power Over Pride & Deception
(Acts 5:1-11)
June 22
Power to Face Persecution
(Acts 5:12-42)
June 29
Power of Unity
(Acts 6:1-7)
August 5
Power of Grace
(Acts 6:8-7:60)
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