40 Days of Prayer – A Note from Steve

A New Season of Prayer
40 Days of Prayer Leading to Easter
A.W. Tozer once wrote: “As a man prays, so he is”. Tozer was so right. Our prayer life speaks volumes about who we are and what truly powers our thoughts and actions. I am excited to announce that we will launch a new season of prayer beginning on March 1 (Ash Wednesday) that will last for 40 days leading up to Easter, concluding on Palm Sunday, one week before Easter Sunday. Our prayer ministry has prepared a Prayer Guide once again for this exciting time of prayer, reflection and worship together. The prayer guide will be available this Sunday, February 26. You can pick up a Prayer Guide in booklet form or access the prayer guide on our church app or church website. 
You will be able to listen daily to the podcast through the church app. Thanks to Amanda Smith and Joey Sheaff for their hard work to make this available.  Special thanks to Charles Harlow and the prayer ministry group for leading the way for this new season of prayer. This time 40 different members of our church contributed prayers and thoughts for the daily prayer guide that will be available. We will be joining millions of Christians around the globe who enter a special season of prayer leading up to Easter.

Jesus said one occasion, “Ask and it will be given you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7).  Join us for this time of asking, seeking and knocking together!

Shall we pray!